Awards Dinner 2017

A great turnout of Allstars and our other halves for our end of season dinner, at Chakra in Kensington, featuring the Allstars of the Year awards and a special presentation to our founder and new Life President, Maxie Allen!


Jimmy Scott, as ever the life and soul of the party, with Tony Grant, James Morgan and Vivek Seth.


The Allstars family all gathered together.


The Cobra count mounts as the evening progresses … so much so they ended up serving us it in a wine bottle!


Club captain Nick Chadwick delivers his maiden Allstars dinner speech.


Our MC for the evening, Haroon Khalid, announces this year’s award winners.


The first Allstar of the Year award went to Vivek Seth, for his best year for the Allstars on the pitch and his tireless work off it.


Next to be awarded Allstar of the Year – Martyn Langridge, for his remarkable bowling performance against Edgware: 6 for 20, the best bowling figures in our 17 year history.


The following Allstar of the Year award – our young star Umar Asghar: his 5 wickets and unbeaten 50 against Mighty Wanderers, the best all-round performance in our history.


Our final Allstar of the Year Award: Pete Cresswell, ever present for the Allstars this season and our leading run scorer.


Maxie accepts his award of “Lifetime Allstar” from fellow original Allstar Garreth, as their respective other halves Rosalind and Lara look on.

Looking forward to 2018 – and the next Allstars season!


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