2016 fixture list

Here is the provisional fixture schedule for the 2016 season.

Sunday 15th May v Valley End (Chobham, Surrey)

Sunday 22nd May v Sanford (Guildford)

Saturday 11th June v Baker Street Irregulars (London, venue TBC)

Sunday 19th June v Salix (home, venue TBC)

Saturday 25th June v Mavericks (Milton Keynes)

Sunday 3rd July v Gentlemen of West London* (home, venue TBC)

Saturday 16th July v Village† (Hampstead Heath)

Saturday 30th July v Quokkas (London, venue TBC)

Sunday 14th August v Chigwell and Hainault Synagogue (home, venue TBC)

Sunday 28th August v Heartaches (TBC – probably Oxfordshire)

Saturday 3rd September v Mighty Wanderers˚ (Barnes (but we are the away team)

Sunday 11th September v Weasels (London, venue TBC)

Sunday 25th September v Edgware (home, venue TBC)

Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th October v Tenerife CC (Away)

If you can play in (or match-manage) any of these fixtures, please e-mail maxie@maxieallen.com


* 42-11 Cup
† Biggles-Goggles Trophy
˚ The James Abrahams Trophy

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