The 2012 season

Our season concluded on Saturday with our fixture against Baker Street Irregulars in Barnes. Alas, we could not sustain our winning run for one final match, and came away defeated by six wickets, but well done to everyone involved, and especially to match-manager Vivek for all his hard work in making the fixture happen.
This was by some margin both our most heavily rain-affected season in our twelve year history, but also our most successful. Four matches were lost to rain without a ball bowled, and three further matches were cancelled due to a combination of poor weather or the opposition dropping out. But of the eight matches we did play, we won six of them – a 75% win rate which is without equal in Allstar annals.
Thanks to everyone who played, but special thanks to all the match-managers, who did sterling work in recruitment, liaison, organisation and captaincy – and on occasion whose hard work proved in vain due to the weather.
So please raise your hat to them all: Tristan, Neale, Chadders (twice), Felix, KP, Tarka, James Abrahams, Garreth, Gren, and Vivek.
Next on the agenda is our end of season dinner – which I’ll try and arrange over the next few weeks

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