An Allstars Decade

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the formation of the Allstars as a regularly-playing, identifiable cricket team.

Leaving aside (just for a moment) the endless debate about whether the games in Oxford in the 90s should count as “official” Allstars games, we’d like to invite all Allstars, both past and present, to look back on the last decade and share your favourite Allstars memories, both on and off the field.  It could be a classic game, a standout performance or a (printable) tour incident.  Please add them as comments to this blog.

In addition to this year’s Allstars of the Year, at February’s awards dinner we’ll also be presenting one oe more awards (number and categories to be decided) for the Allstars of the Decade.  More details will follow on this shortly.

2 thoughts on “An Allstars Decade

  1. Mine would be our famous victory at Trengilly Wartha during our inaugural tour, of Newquay in 2002. We recovered from 0-2 and approx 46-4 to set them 166 – and then won by a knife-edge margin, with six wickets from THA, in a heroic performance, and five catches behind the stumps by Chris Gould. Only our third ever win, and our first against anyone other than the Rain Men.


  2. My personal favourite: beating Salix on a glorious summer's day in Oxford in 2009. Salix must have fancied their chances of chasing down 145, but they'd reckoned without Jon “Von” Ryan, who blew away their top order with the spell of his life. Salix needed just 20 with 5 wickets left, but we snatched the win from them with some great death bowling. Great post-match pub too.


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