Where shall we Tour in 2011?

Belfast, Minorca, Ljubljana, Oporto, Malta, Ibiza, the Dordogne… What’s next in this sequence?

Please suggest, by way of comment below, where you think the Allstars should go on Tour in 2011. If we get enough suggestions, I’ll start a poll on this blog, allowing everyone to vote for their preferred venue.

Our benign dictator Maxie will take your suggestions carefully into consideration before making a decision in his own absolute discretion.

Personally, I’d like to go somewhere hot, where we can go swimming in the pool after playing cricket. All our Mediterranean tours have been successful, so why tamper with a classic? Do you agree? Comment below!

NOTE: The title of this post originally referred to 2012. That’s not because we are not touring in 2011. It was because I am an idiot.

20 thoughts on “Where shall we Tour in 2011?

  1. I quite fancy a change, to be honest. I've mooted Bavaria to Maxie. There's a Munich Cricket Club, who play in the English Gardens.

    I have a mate who organizes Oktoberfest. He could sort us tables if we chose to tour roughly the same dates as this year, which coincide with Wiesen.


  2. Germany is always popular for tours. Been there 3 times with ARF, various other drinking trips. Can't beat it. Vague thought: what about Cyprus? Good weather at this time of year, must be some ex-pats, warm enough to swim..


  3. Cyprus sounds a decent bet, maybe Crete or one of the other Greek islands might have an ex-pat team as well. Anywhere but Munich though – I go there enough for work!


  4. I very much like the idea of a 'Greek Islands' tour. Imagine Maxie's despair as he attempts to round us up for the ferry..

    Anyway – I've never been to Crete. That's my favorite idea so far. If they have a cricket team. But they may not. Wiki reports: “the Greek team got relegated to the fourth division in the European Championships, and was banned from playing for a year, due to them illegally having unregistered players of Australian descent in the team. Greece has 15 official clubs of which 13 are on Corfu, one is in Athens and one is in Thessaloniki”

    Corfu it is then.


  5. Munich would be something of a busman's holiday for Garreth and me – it's the home of the European Patent Office, so I for one am sick of visiting the place. Also, the Oktoberfest is fun but hotels are hard to come by and expensive at that time and the weather is similar to here.

    My vote would be for somewhere on the Med.


  6. Re Munich, weather would prob be fine. Could also stay outside of Munich and only come in for Wiesn. Could go to Salzburg as an alternative.

    As to Greek islands, I hear the club on Corfu is very attractive.


  7. It would be mid-September. The weather is generally very nice and warm. It's not tropical, but it's southern Germany, not northern. I was there last week and the weather was great.

    The are never any guarantees. Porto pissed it down, Belfast gave us sunburn. Who knows?

    I've been in touch with the chairman of MCC (Munich Cricket Club). He's keen to arrange a tour, and will arrange a second fixture. I have a mate who will arrange Oktoberfest for us.

    If it's overwhelmingly unpopular, though, we won't go any further, or will postpone to another year. It won't depress me too much not to have to arrange an overseas tour.


  8. So far we have Munich plus various Mediterranean islands as options. Maxie also suggested Italy, Croatia and Argentina – any takes for them?


  9. LOL Tristan u r so cute!!! :-)))) Do u wanna come round to my place and play 'Sink the Belgrano'? xxxxx


  10. I think there's only one Greek Island suggestes – Corfu, as the others do not have cricket as far as we know. How about Saudi Arabia.. that'll be warm, and they play lots of cricket. Or Libya.. I think I'm losing you now.. C'mon.. the penalties for drinking alcohol aren't that severe.


  11. The Havana Cricket Club website hasn't been updated since June 2005. Do you think that Castro has had them all shot?


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