Tour Awards

Yesterday evening, the last night of the Tour, we held the 2010 Tour Awards Dinner. Here are the results.

Tourist of the Year (on field): The Awards Committee found it surprisingly easy to dismiss the achievements of Paul Bowman, which proved very popular with the audience. But it was more difficult to pass over a number of others, including Paul Nicol for his all round effort, and groom-to-be Garreth Dunkan, for his consistently good bowling. Buy the award went to the Allstar who took wickets in both matches and achieved the unique feat of captaining the Allstars to victory abroad: VIVEK SETH.

Tourist of the Year (off field): This was an altogether much easier decision. There was an honourable mention for Chadders, in recognition of his contribution to Anglo-French relations. But the award went to the sine qua non of the Tour and indeed the Allstars as a whole; a man who enriches all of our lives: MAXIE ALLEN.

The winners:

3 thoughts on “Tour Awards

  1. Couldn't have two more deserving winners. Well done, chaps.

    Admirable commitment to misspelling Garreth's name, by the way.


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