Friday breakfast update

Morgsy is officially out of the tour – unable to get a seat on today’s Southampton flight. Shame – he’ll be missed.

At the time of writing, Vivek and the Rocket are at Southampton airport and due to fly at 10.30am. Good luck lads.

Chadders, James A and I have just had breakfast in the hotel. Here are the official stats on what we ate:

Chadders – 3 x pains au chocolat, 1 x kiwi, 1 x apple, 4 x cups of coffee, 4 x glasses of orange juice.

James – 2 x baguette with black cherry jam, 3 x pains au chocolat, orange juice.

Maxie – 3 x Babybel, 3 x croissant, 2 x baguette pieces, 2 x cups of tea, orange juice.

No sign yet of any other tourists.

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