The Fifteen15Fifteen15 debate – have your say

One thing which the Festival highlighted was that lots of Allstars really like the “Fifteen15Fifteen15” format (thanks to Chadders for the name), involving two innings per side, each of 15 overs, in which the batting order is reversed for the second innings. The bowling restrictions usually involve most people having a bowl – I believe that at the Festival this year almost everyone bowled at least 2 overs. (The rule in place was maximum of 5 overs per bowler over the whole game, minimum of 7 bowlers to be used.)
For me and others, the format real contributed to the atmosphere and the enjoyability of the day. I for one would like to play more such games.
So I am starting a campaign today to encourage the playing of more games in this format, not just “fun” games at the annual-ish Festival, but regular season games too. After all, aren’t all our games supposed to be fun?
If you agree, and would like to see the Allstars play more Fifteen15Fifteen15 games, please say so in the comments box below.

5 thoughts on “The Fifteen15Fifteen15 debate – have your say

  1. I also agree. Since I am about to banned for life from professional cricket, I'm looking for a new team, and if the Allstars promise to play several games like this each year, then I'm in!


  2. Good post, Amir. I have just signed a contract with Surrey CCC, but I am almost certain that I would have joined the Allstars instead if Maxie had been able to guarantee more opportunities to play Fifteen15Fifteen15.


  3. I'm also in favour. I've recently spoken out in favour of Cricket Australia's experiments with a split innings format which has some similarities with Fifteen15Fifteen15.
    Like KP, I would be interested in joining the Allstars if they played lots of these games.


  4. I think Mohammmed Anir would make a good all star as he knows there is more to the game than winning


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