Allstars Festival 2010

This year’s Allstars Festival is pencilled into this year’s fixture list for Bank Holiday Monday 30th August, at Barnes Common. Sadly missing from last year’s calendar, the Festival is an opportunity to celebrate the spirit of the Allstars, with a game played in a party atmosphere, between two teams of Allstars and friends, with barbecue, beers, friends, and hopefully some sunshine. Friends, girlfriends, boyfriends, wives, husbands, children, other relations, and even James Hindle, are all welcome, to play or just to watch and socialise.

I thought I’d kick off discussion about this year’s Festival, by asking: what would you like to see at this year’s festival? Dancing girls? Fire-eaters? Elephants? Do you like the two-15-over-innings-a-side format? Tell us your hopes and dreams for what will inevitably be the highlight of the cricketing year, putting the IPL, the ICC World Twenty20, and the Ashes into the shade.

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