COVID-19 safety

Updated 23 July 2021 – based on July 2021 ECB guidance

The ECB have now updated their guidance regarding recreational cricket, following the Government’s move to step 4 of the roadmap out of lockdown in England.

Although some the previous guidance is no longer in place, we understand that many of you may still wish to adopt a cautious approach given cases are still high and the vaccine rollout isn’t yet complete. With this in mind, we wish to reassure you all that the Allstars are continuing to take COVID seriously and would encourage all of you to continue with the provisions below to minimise the risk of infection. These will apply to all Allstars games until further notice.

Before the game:

  • If you get “pinged” by the NHS COVID app, or if you or any of your household experience COVID symptoms or test positive – please let Garreth know straightaway. We maintain a contacts database of all players so that we can contact them all ASAP.
  • Arrive changed if possible – even though some changing rooms may now be open, it’s best to minimise their use to avoid close contact.
  • Please bring your own gloves and helmet if at all possible, so we can minimise sharing of these particular items of club kit.
  • Please wear a face covering on transport where required, and when sharing lifts.

During the game:

  • No sweat or saliva must be applied to the ball at any time. It is the captain’s responsibility to sanitise the ball.
  • There will continue to be a “hygiene break” every 6 overs, where we will all hand sanitise and clean the ball. We have a plentiful supply of hand sanitiser, courtesy of the ECB.
  • Use your own equipment as much as possible. Ensure you sanitise your hands before putting pads on and taking them off – especially if you’re wearing club pads.
  • Please respect team mates who wish to continue social distancing and minimise close contact – even during celebrations!

After the game:

  • Continue to respect those who wish to observe social distancing at any post-match gathering.
  • We will sanitise all the club kit thoroughly. In particular, we will store the wicketkeeper’s kit separately so that only the designated keeper has to touch it.
  • We’ll update this page if and when the ECB advice changes.

Looking forward to continuing a safe Allstars season!